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At the Top you have the Visiting Models and Below You will Find The Models that are Based in Boston so please make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see all of our Boston Models.

Names are Below the Pictures

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VISITING Models in Boston – Schedules are Subject to Change

AmyAnderssen3EMI AmyAnderssen4EMI

February 28th-March 3rd – Amy Anderssen

LezleyZen07EMI LezleyZen.EMI.3

November 19th-20th – Lezley Zen

Envy Jolie3 Envy Jolie2

November 15th-17th – Envy Jolie

Thea Li.EMI.1 Thea Li.EMI.2

November 4th-11th – Thea Li



October 25th-28th – Sexy Vanessa

AmyAnderssen3EMI AmyAnderssen4EMI

October 15th-18th – Amy Anderssen



September 25th – Lezley Zen

StormyDaniels.EMI.Blur1 StormyDaniels.EMI.Blur2

September 23rd-24th – UTR XXX Star Danielle Storm

NinaElle02EMI NinaElle01EMI

September 12th-13th – Nina Elle

ayanaangel.emi AyanaAngel01EMI2

August 8th-10th – Ayana Angel


July 26th-30th -Karen Fischer

Jennifer Lex3 JenniferLex01

July 16th-23rd – Jennifer Lex – Has Incall

LezleyZen08EMI LezleyZen07EMI

July 23rd-24th – Lezley Zen

June 27th – Lezley Zen

AmyAnderssen3EMI AmyAnderssen4EMI

May 16th-19th – Amy Anderssen

Envy Jolie3 Envy Jolie2

May 16th-18th – Envy Jolie

LezleyZen07EMI LezleyZen08EMI

May 14th – Lezley Zen

AugustTaylor01EMI AugustTaylor02EMI

April 23rd-25th – August Taylor

DanielleDerek9_EMI DanielleDerek5_EMI

April 3rd-6th – Danielle Derek


April 2nd-5th – UTR Brunette Tattooed Penthouse Model and Porn Star

LezleyZen07EMI LezleyZen08EMI

March 24th – Lezley Zen

Anna Davis1 Anna Davis 3

February 28th-March 3rd – Anna Davis

Tatiana Renae2 Tatiana Renae1

February 28th-March 3rd – Tatiana Renae

RichelleRyan03EMI RichelleRyan04EMI

February 3rd-6th – Richelle Ryan

DanaVespoli03EMI DanaVespoli02EMI

January 30th-February 3rd – Dana Vespoli

LezleyZen08EMI LezleyZen07EMI

January 30th – Lezley Zen

2017 – Tour Dates Happy New Year!!!


Models Based in Boston:



Michelle McLaren